Tony Wilson aka The Young James Brown is a Chicago native and nationally recognized entertainer.  He does not take his moniker lightly fore it was give to him by none other than the God Father of Soul himself in 1999 on the set of his first movie project entitled Funkblast (
Since that time Tony has not only embraced his name and alter ego but has taken on a personal mission – with passion and dedication, to keep and preserve the vibrant, energetic, visual concert performance legacy of the one and only Godfather of Soul. A personal promise he made to Mr. Brown.
Many may not know this but Tony started his career as a decoy for the late Michael Jackson in the 1980’s, but once partnering with Mr. Brown, Tony embarked on a storied career that he still enjoys today. His journey with the one and only Godfather of Soul encompasses many highlights:
1967 – as a young child Tony first jumped on the state with Mr. Brown Regal Theater on 79th Stonly Island 
1999 – James Brown selected Tony to portray a young James  Brown in the short digital production entitled Funkblast
2004 – Tony, once again, portrayed the God Father of Soul in a Tony Scott directed    internet film ‘Beat the Devil”
2006 – James Brown requested Tony Wilson and his “James Brown Tribute Band” to back him up on what turned out to be his final tour/performance of the “James Brown 50th All time concert” in his hometown of Agusta, GA in May

Mr. Brown chose Tony as his protege, inviting him to concerts and shows so that he could listen and learn what it took to run a “James Brown Show” first hand. With that foundation Tony has continued to keep the memory and music of James Brown alive through his highly energetic and engaging performances. In 2008 Tony and James Brown’s legendary bass guitarist, the one and only Bootsy Collins, embarked on a world tour honoring James Brown, touching down in Japan, Sweden, London, Paris, Amsterdam and the USA.

Tony did not come to music by chance, he started as a young child encouraged by his parents and siblings to do what he loved. He also has musical connections from his godmother Ms Martha Reeve of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas whom Tony has opened for, to his litany of musical friends such as Ron  and Ernie Isley, Bootsy Collins, Joe Jackson (The Jackson patriarch), Herbie Hancock and the late Rick James to name just a few.

Not only is Tony a consumate professional entertainer, he is a philanthropist. He has been appointed Ambassador the the National Congress of Black women by the Chair, President Dr. E. Faye Williams Esq., where he …sought out professional women who would open Ncbw Chapters in their city or state as well childrens chapters  presently  tony has opened 6  appointed Chapter and is very current today He is also Ambassador to the World Conference of Black Mayors, appointed in 1999 by Mayor Johnny Ford Sr., Tuskeegee Alabama. Tony is the Music Ambassador and has provided music talent throughout the organizations Tony has received May 3rd Proclamations from all of the mayors in making May 3rd James Brown day in their cities states and countries worldwide and is ongoing today 2022

Tony’s heart is to not only bring joy through music but to make peoples lives better. He has traveled to China annually to bring the arts to children and he is a tireless advocate for our homeless vetrans  tony organized what is called the stand down in the military  which sets up military style tents  beddings food medical jobs  which was hosted in 1996 at formerly the orange bowl in Miami  and is now the marlin stadiun   Additionally tony did the 100th anniversary for the Army ball chaplain Asst event in San Antonio texas. As well perform for the Army uso  military band  in Kileen Texas  as well his entire military family  sisters both Sgt Majors retire Army chaplain Asstant  Tony’s non military program  is   There should never be such a thing as a homeless Vet 

Currently Tony is the front accompanied by the musicians that have backed James Browns musical career over 10 decades including 2008 World tour with  Bootsy Collins James Brown bassist  Tony’s tribute recently gave a show stopping performance at “The Women who Rock Nashville’ annual Honoring his management team & Army Brat 2022 Lara Batey & Karen R Martin Williams 

Tony’s entertainment career has taken him around the world and has encompassed musical collaborations with a “who’s who’ of musical artist but Mr. James Brown, the God Father of Soul himself summed it up for Tony when presenting him with a personal james brown doll on which he wrote ‘To Tony Wilson, #2, keep being ME”


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There may be other out there but none compare to TONY WILSON AND THE GODFATHER OF SOULD BAND. See you soon